Rodney Marine 5 Year Guarantee

Rodney Marine offers an exclusive 5 Year Yamaha Marine Guarantee on and new Yamaha Outboard Purchased!

Within the new product warranty period, Yamaha warrants your product to be free from any defect in materials used in the manufacture and/or workmanship at the time of its manufacture.

Yamaha Motor have taken great care in the selection of materials, plating and painting techniques so as to provide its customers with a quality cosmetic appearance allied to durability.

However, Yamaha products are often used in hostile environmental conditions and in these circumstances it is essential that your Yamaha is cleaned after use to ensure all metal, alloy, plated, unplated and plastic components, including painted surfaces, retain their expected condition.

Your dealer can provide further information and advice if required. Ultimately the appearance of your machine will very much depend on the care it receives.

To ensure your Yamaha remains performing at it’s best, make sure your Yamaha is always serviced by an Authorised Yamaha Dealer for these following reasons:

Dealership technicians are factory trained to a uniformly high standard, and use the latest diagnostic and servicing equipment.

All workmanship is guaranteed

  • Supplying genuine parts and adherence to Factory Maintenance Schedules as required
  • You can maintain maximum protection under new product warranty by ensuring your Yamaha is serviced in accordance with the recommendations of the scheduled maintenance chart in the owner’s handbook.
  • The appropriate service record must be stamped by your authorised Yamaha dealer, so make sure that whenever a service, repair or warranty work is undertaken, the owner service handbook must be made available to your Yamaha Dealer.