CorrosionX Grease

CorrosionX Grease



CorrosionX® Grease extreme performance / NLGI II grease.

CorrosionX is now available in a high performance, multi-purpose, extreme pressure rated NLGI #2 grade premium grease. Suitable for the toughest marine environments, CorrosionX Grease thrives where other products fail. A grease combined with a rust killer.

Engineered for maximum shear stability, film strength and heavy shock-load performance, CorrosionX Grease offers unsurpassed wear and extreme pressure protection.

Premium base oils provide proven oxidation resistance, unsurpassed performance in marine and freshwater environments.

Over-based calcium sultanate complex thickener maximizes pumpability, water resistance and high dropping point of 286 degrees C.

Superior anti-wear additives lubricate and prevent wear.

Synergistic corrosion inhibitors protect against rust and corrosion.

Advanced extreme pressure additive package handles high carrying and shock loads.

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